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Advanced tweet composing Tweet scheduling Advanced maps, shows actual address. Draggable. Full web browser, google info then link to it Upload photos and videos Account list, showing drafts, queued and sent Add more than one account

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simply the best twitter client for creating tweets

With Tweetr for the iPhone you don't need to leave the app to do many of the common fiddly tasks like finding an address on the map, adding photos or videos, or finding a link to your favorite blog post by DaringFireball


tweetr focuses on sending tweets

Tweetr has been designed to make tweeting easier. With tweet scheduling, tweets are queued on our server and sent out at the precise minute you queued it for. This way you can get maximum exposure for that super important tweet. Sending your tweets at 9am in the morning in our testing showed up to 7x more mentions than late at night.

non blocking interface

Don't wait for picture or video uploads to complete, continue typing that perfect tweet and when the upload completes the link will appear below your message.

tweetsync allows many users, one account

If you manage a shared twitter account, tweetsync will sync all scheduled, queued and draft tweets with other team members who have activated the same twitter account. Other team members can then edit any missing details prior to the tweet being sent.
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· sync between devices
· multiple twitter accounts
· focuses only on sending tweets

· video a photo uploading
· shortens urls in pasted text
· autosaves on exit/calls
· map with reverse geo-coding
· built-in browser
· drafts are saved on server
· schedule for now or later
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